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Super Record RS Groupset

Super Record RS Groupset

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Shift/Brake Lever Super Record RS 11s Ergopower   +$448.00
Chain Super Record 80th Anniversary   +$67.00
Rear Derailleur Super Record RS   +$465.00
Front Derailleur Super Record RS   +$168.00
Crankset Super Record RS 170mm, 39x53   +$930.00
Brakeset Super Record RS   +$352.00

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Super Record RS Groupset

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An evolutionary development of Super Record, created collaboration with pro-riders who prefer mechanical shifting – Pierre Rolland of Europcar among them – and is "one step closer towards the ultimate goal of mechanical shifting perfection".

Improved reliability in extreme conditions

Tricolore detail finishing

Limited production run

This new edition of the Super Record groupset is the fruit of Campagnolo's collaboration with professional teams at the highest level of cycling

To ensure that Campagnolo sponsored professional riders could count on superior performance and technological advantages even with the mechanical transmission Campagnolo's R+D department set out to produce a groupset that represented a new evolution in mechanical shifting with no compromises, despite harsh conditions. While it was to prove quite difficult to improve upon what was already heralded as fantastic shifting the engineering staff in northern Italy left no detail unexamined to find the best solutions for improving mechanical shifting.

The fruit of their labor came in the form of several prototypes that were tested heavily in the lab but mostly in the field during World Tour competition.

The project was aimed at increasing both performance as well as reliability even in extreme conditions although most changes won't be easily recognizable to the naked or untrained eye.

While at first sight the groupset appears quite similar to the previous version, several angles and shapes were modified throughout the drivetrain with the most significant changes being concentrated on the chainrings and front derailleur design.

While the average cyclist might not realize the intricacies of a chainring; how each and every tooth has its own shape, how the internal surface is designed for specific performance and how the two perform in unison for faster and more efficient chain engagementit is actually a very complex piece upon which the overall performance of the transmission is based. With meticulously redesigned chainrings attention was then dedicated to the front derailleur in order to have the perfect angles and structural form to ensure perfect compatibility between the two components.

In addition to form developments, structural integrity was improved through new production techniques thus making thefront derailleur more rigid. These large changes were then incorporated into the complete transmission in a manner in which they would all function together in a synchronized fashion. 

Initially cloaked as normal Super Record mechanical groupsets, the new components were only recognizable by small markings hidden from sight with the project's code name "SC-14" laser etched to help team mechanics and Campagnolo staff avoid confusion with the prior version. 
After a great deal of positive feedback from all athletes who competed and trained atop this SC-14 (which stands for "squadre corsa 2014") it was decided to no longer keep this groupset a secret. 

Campagnolo strongly believes that the same cutting edge technology that is available to our professional athletes should also be available to consumers.
The ultimate testing ground, professional cycling at the highest level, serves as the most extreme laboratory that the company has at its disposal. Products developed under the scrutiny of the world's best athletes in order to give them an added technological edge offer the same performance characteristics to Campagnolo consumers.

As a result this new groupset will be available for purchase atop the finest frames and in Campagnolo retailers the world over although it will be offered in limited quantities and for a limited time only.

While the performance aspect is undoubtedly the most alluring part of the RS version of Super Record, the aesthetics also play their part. Incorporating different elements that each refer to significant aspects of the groupset and its maker, the graphics make this new product not only of interest due to its increased performance characteristics but also for its meaningful look. The "tricolore" is representative of the Italian heritage of both Campagnolo and the Italian cycling culture from which it was born. The chrome text and logos recall the mechanical origins of the historic cycling component manufacturer while the checkered flag aesthetic pays homage to its race winning pedigree.