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Record 11 EPS Groupset

R11 EPS Groupset

From: $2,616.80

To: $3,584.00

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Shift/Brake Lever Record EPS 11s   +$352.80
Front Derailleur Record EPS 11s Braze-on   +$484.00
Rear Derailleur Record EPS 11s   +$518.40
Chain Record 11s   +$50.40
Brake Calipers Record - Skeleton   +$256.00
Record EPS Cable Interface   +$147.20

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Record 11 EPS Groupset

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Competition, sweat and an endless string of victories.

The Record name has always been associated with professional racing, and today, the Record 11s™ version of the EPS™ drivetrain continues to bring glory to both athletes and Campagnolo.

Carbon fibre makes it light and aggressive, while precision machining and exclusive engineering make it reliable, precise and lightning-fast, for unrivalled levels of performance.
The choice of athletes bringing victory within reach of all cycling enthusiasts.

Campagnolo Record® EPS is the second-lightest groupset available on the market right after Super Record® EPS. The drivetrain used by professions to face the long season of great stage competitions and the classic races of the North.

Electrifying performances, extreme precision and great reliability.

The levers, even though they are not mechanical, manage to simulate the classic Campagnolo Click Feeling thanks to the application of MultiDometechnology.
When your fingers press the lever it pushes a sensor composed of various metal layers that create the sensation of a mechanical action.


DTI, Digital Tech Intelligence is housed inside the Power Unit and it continuously monitors the signals that arrive from all the EPS components, thus managing their operation.

The main functions of the DTI are:
• controlling and managing the battery pack
• enabling and monitoring the rear derailleur and derailleur
• signalling any faults through the RGB LED
• communicating with the interface
• activating the acoustic buzzer


Thanks to the electronic evolution of the Multi-shifting technology which is already used in the mechanical units, it is possible to obtain multi shifting with 11 gear-cogs.
Thanks to the use of a sophisticated electronic system, by keeping levers 2 or 3 pressed down it is possible to continuously change gear upward or downward, by up to 11 sprockets with a single action of the levers.

There are no longer any limits to Multi-shifting and the choice is at the fingertips of the cyclist.


Compared to the traditional mechanical derailleur that could be adjusted with micro displacements made by acting on the levers manually, the EPS derailleur is equipped with a very sophisticated electronic AUTOMATIC POSITION CORRECTION system.

The DTI (Digital Tech Intelligence) receives impulses from the controls through the interface that communicates with the sensor placed inside the derailleur, which indicates its position at all times.
Depending on the sprocket that has been selected with the controls, the EPS re-positions the derailleur to optimise its position with respect to the chain.

This allows chain crossovers that are not optimal in traditional systems. It performs 2 corrections upward and downward.


The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards.

This means that the system is able to protect its electronic components from dust and liquid infiltration.

In order to achieve the IP67 classification, all the electronic components of the EPS system underwent a series of tests, which proved their ability to function perfectly under one meter of water for at least 30 minutes.