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EecycleWorks EeBrakes

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The EE Brake from EE Cycleworks is simply one of the nicest brakes we've ever encountered. One of the most exciting features is the pad and holder system. Changing the pad requires no special tools and only takes a few seconds. The pads are held in place using a notch and groove system, with no chance of moving under forward or backwards braking forces. However, the pad itself can be pried and slid right from the holder. This is truly a dream brake for those who switch between carbon and aluminum rims on a regular basis. Another unique feature is the ability to adjust the reach of the brake using a pinch bolt and cylinder adjustment system, making pad alignment on the rim a breeze. Braking performance is quite impressive; on par if not exceeding the industry-leading offers from Shimano and Campagnolo.

Color Options

The standard options for this brakeset are black and silver although we are for a limited time carrying three different version of red. The red EE brakes were specifically colored for Specialized's S-Works + McLaren Venge.

EE Brake Installation

While setup of the EE Brake is slightly more involved than the typical road brake, detailed instructions are included. In fact, these are probably the best installation instructions we've encountered.  


"...these are the best performing aftermarket brakes available. In fact I think they're better performing than Campy and SRAM Red and rival the new Dura Ace strictly on function and when you toss in weight they may be the top of the pile." Charles Manantan, PezCycling News

"...the thing that got me was the modulation. Ok, so it's true lots of brakes modulate well, and some brakes stop well, but not many modulate well on carbon AND have DA amounts of stopping power. These do." Fairwheel Bikes

"They also have a much stronger return spring; the return spring helps "snap" the brake lever back into place and creates a very stable and secure feel. This feature would be very useful with TT brake levers that rely on cable tension versus return spring." Twain Mein, Road Bike Review

The next generation EE Brake builds on all the great features and performance of the original while making improvements in many areas. Every part has been evaluated for improvement potential. In the EE Cycleworks tradition, no effort was spared to make the best brake even better.

Here are some of the new features:

Wider: The overall geometry has been changed to accommodate the increasing popularity of wide road rims. The new EE Brake will work with rims from 18 mm to 26 mm in width.

Leverage: The leverage has been fine tuned, adding slightly to the brake's power and providing that power more consistently through the brake's operating range. The leverage of the new EE Brake is optimized to work with all current model road levers, including 7900 Dura Ace. This refinement makes installation slightly easier as well.

Stiffness: The arm, bridge and axle components have been refined to provide greater strength and stiffness without adding weight. Increased stiffness improves braking power and modulation.

Smoother: The cable adjust assembly has been redesigned to provide more graceful cable alignment and simplify the parts while making them lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. The new design is easier to operate with your fingers due to the enlarged adjustment nut. This new design allows the cable housing to extend to lower tip of the cable adjustment screw, eliminating the added friction and complexity of the traditional design.

The EE Brake set new standards by which all other high performance road brakes are judged. The new EE Brake just raised the bar again!

  • Weight, Complete: 169 grams

  • Linkage Material: 7075-T6 aluminum

  • Pivot Material: 300 series stainless steel

  • Bolt Material: 6/4 titanium

  • Reach: 39-49 mm

  • Max Rim Width: 28.5 mm

  • Maximum Recommended Tire Size: 700 x 25